Santa Fe Institute and cutting off turtle heads

I just arrived in Santa Fe yesterday for a 4 week (!) summer school on complex systems. Just one day has passed and it’s already impressive to see what the other people are doing / working on. Especially for a statistician having so many people to talk about their scientific problems and what problems they face with their experiments / simulations / data is very fascinating; a great resource of interesting problems to work.

Participants are from a wide variety of fields; some obvious (given where complexity science started from) such as physics, computer science, economics/finance, evolutionary biology – other fields not so obvious but at least as interesting such as paleontology, tax evasion and fraud detection, literature/linguistics and – yes – statistics (I am the only statistician / machine learning person here).

And if in the ‘student introduction’ session one student starts with “I am a PhD student in neuroscience and we study neural signal transmission in turtles after cutting off their head …” — I mean if that’s just the first day, how great will be the next 4 weeks 😉