GMG goes Google

After my internship at Google NYC in the summer of 2011, I eventually decided to join Google full time by beginning of 2013. I’m a statistician in the quantitative marketing (QM) team – a great mix of (mostly) PhD statisticians joined with with data analysts, machine learners (is that how they/we are called?), engineers, and business/marketing people. We work on an interesting range of projects in the intersection of sales & marketing and engineering, ranging from recommendation systems, time series prediction/classification, to network analysis and longitudinal data analysis.

As part of a research team we also have ‘publish papers’ on our agendas. You can find (part of) my past and some current work at (expect a certain latency with what I am currently working on).

Disclaimer: While being at Google full time does of course limit the time I can spend on – previous research (and software) -, I’m still finishing up papers and code implementations from my time at CMU. So if you are interested in these areas, keep coming back for updates – or just send me an email.